September 3, 2007

  • I Don’t Think I’m in Kansas Anymore…

    Whoa, I’m a college student, what the heck? I feel so old now, and I still mhave costume work galore, including making a new Belle ballgown for my portfolio and Vincent Valentine. Maybe for belle I can get a good corset to suck in a few inches so it gives the bodice more tightness. Or hope I don’t suffocate or choke to death. Not dying is good.

July 22, 2007

  • I MISS OTAKON!!! IT WAS A MIND BLOWING 3 DAYS OF FUN THAT I WAITED ALL YEAR FOR!!!  At least my costumes came out great and I got lots of pics!

July 16, 2007

July 12, 2007

  • I just saw Snow White: A Tale of terror and it was the freakiest version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves I have ever seen in my life! Words cannot describe the freakiness that is this movie. With falling trees, zombies, undead babies, crufixion, bloody c-sections and creepy talking mirrors, this freaked me out like no other!

July 11, 2007


    Belle Blue Village dress best of photo shoot:

    And Jack Sparrow and Spiderman!

    Taken at the World of Disney Store in Manhattan, apparently Cinderella fell ill or went on happy hour, I dunno

    Taken at the PS store in Manhattan, really cool

    What I bought at the Disney Store for my Otakon pics:

    More coming soon or on Facebook

July 9, 2007

  • I just got back from Canada, and I finally got one of my photoshoots done! This one was for Belle from Beauty and the Beast, in her blue village dress up in Montreal, Canada. It was soo cold! Also, I got to see Phantom of the opera on Broadway again at the kennedy Center, and it was fun! Now I want to make some of the costumes, such as Erik’s tux, Christine’s dressing gown, masquerade dress and maybe, just maybe her wishing dress. Also, I went to the Disney store in Manhattan and got myself a Disney Princess Belle photo clip frame with her ballgown on it. I’ll add photos when I have them all uploaded, it takes a while…

    Christine Daae’s blue Wishing/Notes dress, not quite sure which version it is though, but I like it anyways

    Christine Daae’s Masquerade dress (it’s the blue and pink one with the stars going down the skirt.)

    Christine Daae’s Dressing Gown from Music of the Night and The Phantom of the Opera song sequences (this is actually a recreation made by a Phan) frontal view

    Back view of Dressing Gown

    More photos coming soon!

June 30, 2007

  • I think I’ll hold off on my Disneyworld visits for a while… First off, Disney management has laced on their Ursula costumes and are forcing horrible union contracts upon their cast members, and also apparently,  during one of the parades, one of the performers was crushed to death by one of the snowglobe parts of the 4 part Princess float, as the performer was crushed under the Ariel globe, of all globes. Oh jeez. Can Disney guarantee Park safety anymore? I guess not, its time to hit up Universal Studios I suppose, or just go somewhere not as commercialistic.

    Here’s the link:

June 27, 2007

  • I finally got my Belle blue village dress done! It’s so comfy its mindblowing! And its also going to Otakon and Towson for portfolio purposes. All i need now is hem the blouse, add ties to the cuffs and make a hairbow. Maybe I’ll even make the cloak she wears. All i need is the ballgown done for Paige and the Chinese costume done! At least i hyave some material!

    Belle’s village dress model I used, but didn’t really match, I wanted to make my own versin anyways.

    Next costume: Something based off the Curse of the Golden Flower movie with Jay Chou, just because I want something Asian, cool looking and gld, plus they have those half bun hairdos which are fun, kinda like an Asian Belle ballgown.

    No, I won’t be the old dude or Gong Li, I just love the gold colors! Besides, if I want to have that slimming factor, i’ll just make a golden corset, now that’s be cool, but tight. Were women allowed to show that much boobage back in the day? Her cups are about to runneth over…

June 19, 2007

  • you know, I just realized something, after reading Mok’s xanga about optimism, I realized that for me, its just a bunch of pretentious bull that screws people over, like the Little Mermaid for instance. Optimistic about her dreams and love, she gave up everything she had for a chance to get the man of her dreams to fall in love with her. You know what the f*****g dick head did to her? He used her, then went off and married another woman, leaving her behind as if she was nothing. She gave up everything, and she lost everything, so she committed suicide by jumping off the ship and drowning herself in the cold frigid waters that was once her home until she dissolved into a mass of meaningless sea foam. There’s optimism for ya, it screwed me over too, I don’t wanna get into it. I’ve learned to just accept it, to be optimistic is to be delusional, and it will, I repeat, IT WILL come back and grind you into bloody, bony hamburger meat. All I have to hope for is a job making professional costumes for theater companies, living alone until the day I die unmarried, no kids, no family, still a virgin by myself. At least has good deals on caskets and tombstones, I’ll prolly need it. Do they do bulk orders?

May 22, 2007

  • whee! I just finished making Jennifer Kora her Alice in Wonderland costume, except if I had more time, it could be a lot better, but it looks good for now anyways. It’s so cute! It’s all light blue and got a lacy apron with huge straps and a circle skirt!Maybe for otakon I’ll tkae it and refurbish it and modify it a lot, so it can go with Belle (Paige) and Muln (me). Who knows?